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Barrett H
Website Design
Creating branded experiences is something that I have always loved to do. From physical events on online products each one provides a unique avenue for its consumers to experience. I take information from clients as well as their users to establish an interface that is loved by all parties involved!
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Ed P
Web development and SEO Services for business and charity organizations.
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Ruthie B
I have a passion for helping businesses express themselves through their content. My time as a military intelligence professional taught me how to find creative solutions to problems. I turn those skills to helping B2B consulting and service firms who want to creatively engage their audiences. We use their content to educate, build credibility, and client trust. I love working with companies who're looking for a content partner who excels at making them look great through stellar content, in all of it's forms.
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Andrew H
Music producer
For my day job, I'm an accountant for an international consulting firm. I do all of the accounting for our 6 different offices in 5 different countries in 8 different currencies. In my free time, I love making music and DJing.
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David P
Digital Marketing
Marketing/Digital Marketing/Public Relations services
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Safania R
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Doneetia T
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