Barrett H
knctrr member since August 2020
Creating branded experiences is something that I have always loved to do. From physical events on online products each one provides a unique avenue for its consumers to experience. I take information from clients as well as their users to establish an interface that is loved by all parties involved!
Website Design

This is the starting price for our 4 - page website design UI with downloadable assets sent directly to your developer. The Process: 1. Online On-boarding process to discuss your brand, clientele, and expectations for your site. 2. I take two weeks to research and design a competitive site for your brand. 3. upon your approval I will export and work with you developer to ensure the end product is exactly like we discussed. Wireframes are designed in our initial meeting to gain a perspective of concept and ensure we are on the same page. However, these wireframes may change.

$300.00 4-page design with research and workshops to determine brand, clientele, and purpose.

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