Colin P
knctrr member since June 2020
I am a digital marketer with over 2 years of experience with planning and fulfilling detailed digital marketing strategies using Facebook advertising, Google Ads, content marketing, and email marketing all in one!
Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing- Over half of the World's population uses social media on a daily basis making advertising your business on social media the most cost-effective and highest result yielding tactic you can go with!

$500.00 Monthly campaign management (Small Business)
$1,000.00 Monthly campaign management (medium established business)
$1,500.00 Monthly campaign management (large scale and E commerce brands)
Logo Design

All brands need an eye-catching logo! Let me help you design the perfect one for your business.

$100.00 Logo design and branding

Funnel build and handoff- I will build out a full advertising funnel complete with Targeting, Ad design and ad copy, landing page with tracking pixels for Facebook and Google, complete with retargeting ads to keep users engaged! As well as a 2-hour training on how to continue running your funnel!

$1,000.00 local lead generation
$1,500.00 E commerce brands
Website Design

Website Design for businesses of all type, from Ecommerce brands, to local services, and shops!

$500.00 Base starting price

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