Art B
knctrr member since May 2019
I’m here to help with web design, content, or anything marketing related. Message me with questions!
Digital Marketing

Marketing services ranging from creative & social media strategy to content development (static, animated, commercials) and ad management/distribution strategy. Ensuring you reach the right audience with the right content for an affordable price.

$500.00 Ad creation for 2 ads (one static + one animated), Social & Creative strategy, and ad distribution strategy
Website Design

I'll work collaboratively with you to design the perfect website. Whether it's for your business, hobby, or an online portfolio, i'll ensure you're satisfied with the look and feel of your custom site.

$250.00 Starter website
$500.00 Website with multiple navigation layers
$1,000.00 Customized site with navigation layers
$500.00 Promotion: Starter site, logo, & headshots or action shots!
Office Furniture Assembly - Baltimore

Need someone to put together furniture for us in our new office space ASAP. This includes a coffee table, 2 accent chairs, bookshelf, & small storage stand.