Scott L
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Cooking and Baking- Other

Ever wanted to make your own delicious sourdough? Baking from scratch has many benefits including, ♦ Lower cost ♦ Higher quality ingredients ♦ Improved digestibility and health ♦ Bake to your tastes ♦ Connect with a time-honored, heritage-steeped tradition ♦ Enjoy that fresh from the oven loaf

$25.00 Intro to sourdough class
$30.00 Sourdough talk and taste, sample 3 loaves
$50.00 Full day bake + misc. toppings workshop
Cooking Lessons

Vegan tips and tricks. Want to take your vegan home cooking to the next level? Let me show you advanced techniques and ingredients from homemade sun cream to parsnip purees and inventive lentil uses.

$40.00 2 hour class
Personal Chef

Catering for small events. We work together to craft a bespoke menu to entertain and satiate your guests. From classics and staples to the inventive dish you never knew you wanted, I can make it all! Suitable for party sizes of 4-25 people.

$350.00 20-25 people
$160.00 4-8 people
$220.00 8-12 people
$300.00 12-20 people

Hi, I need a bookbinder to restore my copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Thanks